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Smartphone cases inspired by adventure

Looking for a case that will protect your mobile phone from death-defying drops and spills.

Then, the Urban Armor GEAR case could be the right cover for you. UAG have done a great job at creating a line of covers that work seamlessly with your smartphone. They have taken the smartphone case world by storm by bringing out a product people want to use anywhere they can because people trust in the build quality of this case.

The case will wrap around your phone like a mother to a child. All of the buttons are very easy to press, and the cut-outs for the earphone jack and charging cable are a decent size for most earphones or chargers. The case lips over the front of the case, so you won't scratch your screen if you leave it upside down on the kitchen table, or if you forget it in your bag. The back has a hard and smooth finish, while the sides are made of a durable rubber. The rubber around the sides give the case enough grip to allow you to hold your phone comfortably in one hand. Available today in a range of colours; black, white, navy, orange, pink, see-through, and moss green. All cases come in a sharp retail box and include: 1 x dual layer case, 1 x screen protector, 1 x UAG screen cloth.

We sell the case at a very competitive price of €34.99. In stock and available for the: HTC one, ipad mini, ipad air, iphone 4/4s, iphone 5/5s, iphone 5c, samsung s3/s4, samsung galaxy note 2 & samsung galaxy note 3. (10% promotional discount code: uag123) Click here to order a UAG case now and receive FREE worldwide shipping.

urban armor gear cases

I would like to applaud UAG at doing a great job. I love when a business comes along and does a great job at introducing a durable, long lasting product that looks great. We promise, you will understand the quality of the case the second you put onto your phone and into your hand. Urban Armor Gear want you to enjoy your passion and "choose your own adventure" by providing great looking products that fit their purpose.

Do you already own an Urban Armor Gear cover, do you like it? We love getting feedback on our products and blogs. Post your response below. Are you "Inspired by adventure"?

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