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The cracked screen phenomenon

Do you have a cracked iphone screen

It seems that a lot of people are walking around with cracked iphone screens. Are you walking around with a chipped or cracked phone? We would love to hear from you. Buying a smartphone case is a great way to protect your phone from drops and falls, it is also a great way to cover up existing chips and dents, and allows you to express your individuality.

The way I think about it is by breaking it down into the 3 potential outcomes.

Option 1.

If I insure my phone and it gets damaged, I will have to post it to the insurance company, have no phone for at minimum a week, and pay the insurance man €70 every year. That is the worse case scenario.

Option 2.

Don't use a case & don't pay for insurance. Pro's: you save (from) €4 on the phone case and save (apx) €70 for the insurance. Con's: There is a 1 is 4 chance I will drop my phone and crack the screen (€70 replacement charge).

Option 3.

Put a case on my phone, hugely reducing the chances that I will crack my iphone's screen. Most smartphones cost a few hundred euro, and protective cases start at €4. It is a no win 'case' scenario for me.... sorry. Urban armor gear cases are our new favourites (read more...). I hope you have a look at our website and growing product selection. Choose from over 600 great products. Click here to see more

iphone Infographic

We have created the iphone infographic below to show you how many people have already cracked their phone screens. The infographic shows how many people have cracked smartphone screens. It also displays that Apple have broken another sales record by selling over 50 million iphone's in Q1, 2014. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, we have some great competitions coming very soon!

cracked iphone screen infographic

Let us know what you think, it is our first infographic and we would love feedback on what stats you would like to see in the future. Smartphone & tablet case provider


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