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iPhone 6. When are we going to get the real deal?

When will we see the iphone 6? There are so many rumours flying around about the so called arrival and features of the much talked about and most impatiently anticipated gadgets of all time, the iPhone 6. So which one of the rumours are near to the truth?

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It happened before with the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5 and it is now happening prior to the apparent introduction of the sixth edition of the Apple smartphone, the iPhone 6. Every now and then people’s ears are pricking up to new information in the form of rumors and speculations about the iPhone 6, be it the features, price or estimated release date. While it is difficult to precisely point out which of the rumors are spot on or whether there even is an iPhone 6 in the pipeline (remember the world anticipating the iPhone 5 only to get an iPhone 4S?), there are some speculations which are definitely worth taking into account as the probable truth.

One of the more believable rumors is that Apple will be introducing the iPhone 6 in two price brackets, much like it introduced its predecessor in two variations, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Both of the versions of the iPhone 6 will likely sport the sleek metallic casing that the iPhone 5S came with. Additional rumors suggest that while the two versions of the iphone 6 will be different sizes. The smaller of the two will come equipped with a 4.5-inch screen, the bigger model will have a touchscreen measuring 5 inches. I believe this would be a move by Apple as Samsung have spent the last few years catching up with Apple's sales by providing a better range of smartphones, with different uses in mind for each phone or Phablet.

Although Apple is at its peak as far as image clarity on its smartphones is concerned, varied speculations reveal that the company has patented ‘quantum dots’, a technology that will enhance the clarity even further. The revolutionary quantum dots are minute crystal semiconductors measuring thousandths of a millimetres. Wow. These super dots are capable of emitting light at highly precise frequencies which makes screens reproduce colour in a more accurate fashion as compared to the existing LED displays. This feature is being touted to be the unique selling point of the iPhone 6.

Since most of the iPhone models have been launched in the month of September, this one is also likely to debut in September this year, although there is news buzzing about the iPhone 6 being launched in May. Another strong possibility, as per a French source, about the upcoming Apple handset is that, it will be sporting the thinnest bezel that any iPhone has ever sported.

Lets hope the arrival of the iphone 6 is on the early side of 2014's summer, comes with improved battery life, and functions as effectively as all other iphones have over the years.

Let us know what you think of the iphone 6, what are your predictions for features and functionality?

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