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iPhone 6 molds and schematics emerge

The Apple iphone has become the hot product for people to buy over the past number of years. Currently, the latest model of the iphone on the market is the iphone 5s and 5c. The next Apple iphone is expected to be announced in September 2014 and has a started to gain steam with rumours in the mill.

[caption id="attachment_279" align="alignnone" width="550"]iPhone-6-schematics-ireland iPhone-6-schematics-ireland[/caption]

GforGames posted these photos online, including potential CAD models of the iphone 6's front and back part. 


[caption id="attachment_281" align="alignnone" width="502"]iPhone-6-mold-ireland iPhone-6-mold-ireland[/caption]

These are some very technical drawings, and they show very small details of the iphone 6. Hopefully someone will release more photos and information soon because Apple definitely won't give us any hints until the phone has been released.

Will you be buying the iphone 6 when it is released?


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