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Whoosh! Keeps your phone germ free.

whoosh screen cleaner whoosh screen cleaner[/caption] Using a smart phone has become an increasingly popular choice among people but do you ever wonder whether your phone is clean or not? A recent study done by London school of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine at the University of London has shown that Mobile phones have more germs than a toilet seat. Let’s be honest here, we are always touching dirty things and we are also always touching our phones, transporting harmful bacteria on it. We clean our-self but do we ever clean our phones too? If the answer is no, don’t get disheartened, Whoosh will solve this problem.  An all-new super natural spray that not only keeps your device hygienic but inexplicably resists fingerprints. Whoosh was made keeping you and your mobile phone in mind, this magic spray not only kills all the germs in your phone or in your device but it is totally nontoxic and won’t harm your body in any way.  This revolutionary tech hygiene was tested by FDI for toxicity and was found non-toxic for humans. Whoosh Screen shine has paved a way for our gadgets to be germ free while keeping it shinning like a new device. Its next generation cleaning formula protects your screen by creating a thin film that resists fingerprints and smudges. Click Here to buy it from an Irish business, shipped in 1 to 2 days. Benefits of using Whoosh
  • Keeps your phone germ free
  • The polymer formula repels and resists dust, fingerprints and smudges
  • Whoosh is 100% natural, odorless, non-toxic and environment friendly
  • Keeps your phone looking all new and shiny
  • And not at all costly
  • Come with high-tech reusable Micro-Fiber cloth
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oayUASjF_VQ   whoosh germ killer screen clean There are many screen cleaners in the market but these products are extremely harmful and dangerous to you and your device but Whoosh Screen Cleaner is made from all natural ingredients and is absolutely non-toxic.  It doesn’t contain ammonia, acids, alcohol, solvents, phosphates or a volatile organic compound. It is safe to use in any TFT, Glass, LCD, Plasma, OLED, UltraHD, CRT, Eink, and Ultra HD screens and Apple Retina® displays. It comes in three forms WHOOSH! Pocket Screen cleaner 8ml, WHOOSH! Pocket Screen cleaner 30ml and WHOOSH! Pocket Screen cleaner 100ml + 8ml. Click here to learn about the prices    


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