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Real or Fake Dre Beats 4 Ways To Check Before You Buy

We have put together a list of four tips on how you can check if your Dre Beats headphones are real or fake, before buying them. There are thousands of sellers around the world supplying fake Dre Beats Headphones, so it is very important that you know you are buying genuine headphones, not fake Chinese headphones. Tip 1 Check the box for cling film. Most fake Dre Beats headphones come with no plastic packaging on the box. This shows an extra step in the manufacturing process. Many fake manufacturers do not have the facility to do this quality packaging. Dre Beat headphones - real or fake Tip 2 Images on the box should be perfect quality, showing no colour discolouration's,  fade, or breaks in the images is a good indication that the headphones are fake. photo 2 Tip 3 Read the text on the box, most fakes will not have the "TM" symbol on the box. TM stands for Trade Mark, and should be included on any branded product you are looking to purchase. photo 3   Tip 4 Scan the barcode. Go to your smartphone App store and search "barcode scanner". Download a free app that will allow you to scan barcodes. The barcode should come up on the app stating the exact product. You can test the barcode below, after you scan the barcode you should be presented with the product "Dre Beats Pro Red Lil Wayne". If a random product shows on the app you know you have a fake set of Dre Beats Headphones. photo 4 Video


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