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iPhone 6 Leaked Photos

"The Internet" has received dates confirming when the anticipated iphone 6 will start selling in shops. One of the top Tipsters on Apple products is Sonny Dickson. All of his past predictions have come true in the past, so he is someone we can definitely listen to. Including being the one who announced the release of the  iphone 5s.

Upcoming iPhone 6

It looks like Apple will be bringing out a 4.7-inch display and another 5.5-inch display phone. This is great news as over the last year Phablet computers have become ever more present in shops, and became the biggest growing market within the phone/phablet/tablet/desktop range.


The Possibilities

  • Two different sizes of iphone
  • Wireless charging
  • Water-resistent technology
  • Fingerprint and voice security enhancements
  • Display - Retina
  • NFC - Near Field Communication. Available on Android
  • Enhanced Battery Caapability
  • Enhanced syncing with other Apple devices (i.e. iPad, macbook, apple tv)
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