Drone Racing Is Fast And Furious - €1 Million In Prizes

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Drone Racing Is Fast And Furious - €1 Million In Prizes

A teenager earned $250,000 in Dubai after winning the prestigious World Drone Prix competition. 15 year old's usually get part-time jobs in the local supermarket or corner shop. But, not this one.

Luke Bannister managed to glide his quadcopter through the futuristic drone course, in and around some floating hoops at high speed, without crashing. He finished first to cash a giant cheque worth a quarter of a million dollars! Thats not a bad way to spend a weekend at all.

"One thing is certain - Fox McCloud would be proud"

Drone racing is only beginning to hit the mainstream and it looks like the growth in popularity is going to sky-rocket in 2016 and 2017. It is now easier to build your own quadcopter, repair it and share your experience with friends. This is also thanks to multiple technologies being smashed together to bring the drivers and the viewers a much better experience.

  1. Quadcopter's
  2. Virtual Reality
  3. Live Drone Streaming

Quadcopters are getting smarter, smaller and easier to use every day. Some consumer quadcopters can even follow you and avoid collisions at will. Facebook recently announced that you can now live stream onto Facebook from any 3rd party device, including the DJI phantom quadcopter. 

Safety and government regulations are two reasons you won't see every kid walking to school with a drone in 2016. It's also the reason you will see black-market drone racing popping up in the news in the near future. The only question is will people relate to it as the fight club of the sky or the fast and furious of the sky. 

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