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Samsung To Release New Smartwatch

Samsung are rumoured to be gearing up to release a new smartwatch. There have been mixed reports on the current Galaxy Gear. People have been disappointed by the lack of capabilities the smart watch sector has had to date. The smartwatch sector was once rumoured to be the product of 2014, which has not happened. This is due to battery problems, and finding the right positioning for the smartwatches.   Releasing  A New Smartwatch

 samsung smartwatch

Samsung have filed a set of documents with the FCC, detailing a new smartwatch that is similar to the Gear 2. There are also rumours connecting the Samsung smartwatch to the new Google version of Android, which has been engineered to work specifically with smartwatches. For now, we will have to settle with the Samsungs Gear 2, and competitors smartwatches like the Pebble.


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