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Drive Like You Are In 'Back To The Future'

Is Navdy The Must Have Driving Accessory Of The Future?

It looks like Parrot handsfree kits have a new competitor to worry about. This is a special product. I believe this could be the start of a driving revolution.

Customers do not want a product that will only play music and handsfree phone calls anymore... They want a device that will provide an easy to use (pretty) interface and is customizable to their taste, that works with everything they use. Check out the amazing features and video below.


The Product

The Navdy is a new kind of handsfree driving experience. Use this intuitive piece of hardware to navigate, monitor speed, play music, reply to texts, tweet and more.


Driving Safety

Like most people, I have a bad habit of checking my phone 204 times a day. And, that habit tries to follow me to my car. I don't text and drive, but I have tried to mount my phone to my dash... I would not advice this to anyone. You need your eyes infront of you and hands on the wheel when you drive. The Navdy is a great new way to do get rid of that worry, and most importantly drive safely. All I can say is... I will be pre-ording one for my significant other!


 The Features

There are many cool features built into this portable wireless accessory. You use hand gestures and voice commands to control it.  The Navdy uses a head up display, like what commercial pilots use when they are landing. A tiny project displays the high definition image for you, making it look like it is being displayed two meters ahead of you. 

  • Connect wirelessly to your iPhone or Android phone
  • Share location
  • Play music
  • Maps Navigation
  • your speed
  • Send Texts
  • Handsfree Use Social Media tools

Navdy - "It is like driving in the future"




Want to order the Navdy? . You can  pre-order a Navdy  now, but you will have to wait till 2015 to receive it in the post.  Unfortunately, it looks like you will not be able to get your hands onto this smart accessory for Christmas, but i am sure it will be worth the wait. 


 Watch The Video


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