Record Apple Sales: High iPhone Sales & Low iPad Sales

It is a testing time for Apple. Today, Apple has more customers than ever before, they released their latest iPhones, which come in two sizes of screen. A record breaking 10 million iPhone 6/6 pluses were sold in the first week of the new iPhone being released.

While this is great news for Apple bosses, we also see a concerning drop in iPad sales. Apple has seen iPad sales reduced for the third quarter in a row. The new iPad air 2 and iPad mini 3 are slimmer, and more powerful than before, and include the Touch ID technology that lets you log into your device with a touch of your finger.

The problem for Apple is that iPad users do not need to keep replacing their iPads. I, like most iPad users will tell you great things about the tablet computer. They are light, quick, and have amazing battery life. The new iPad versions are now €100 more expensive than the predecessors, but why would I sell my old one when it is perfect?

Should you buy the iPad mini 3? One word. No.

The iPad air 2 saw an improvement to its processor, making it quicker at doing general tasks. While, the iPad mini 3 has not been upgraded to Apple’s latest processor. Meaning, that internally it is almost the exact same to the iPad 2 model. The main difference for the iPad mini 3 is that is has TouchID finger scanning technology.


iPad Air 2 Review

 Pro's Con's
Fantastic Aluminium Outer Body Mute Switch Has Been Removed
Powerful A8X Chip
TouchID Included
Upgraded Camera


iPad Mini 3 Review

 Pro's Con's
TouchID Included

Extra €100 price tag compared to previous model

Long battery Life


Good performance


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