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Quadcopters Are The Top Toy Of 2014

Quadcopters are one of the newest and coolest technologies in the market. Soon you might need a licence to own and use a quadcopter. The precisely controlled flying drones are already banned from airports and controlled air space, but will you find it hard to fly your compter in the future while you walk your dog? Only time will tell.

The small size, and quality of Quadcopters has seen record high sales. The newest versions of Quadcopters have become extremely stable and responsive. You could fly them indoors if you really want!


When you are deciding to buy a quadcopter, you need to decide what is the best one for you. Make sure to ask yourself a few questions like;

Are you buying a quadcopter for fun or for work?

Do you have experience flying one?

Why do you want one? Ie. aerial photography?

What is your budget?

Do you already have an action camera you want to attach to it?

A lot of quadcopters come with built-in camera. While other manufactrers have opted for the ‘bring-your-own-camera quadcopter’. You can choose from a wide range of quadcopters that include a mount for your gopro, or veho muvi action cameras. The Veho Muvi costs around half the price of a GoPro, while providing the same camera quality and performance. The Veho Muvi also comes equipped with a LCD display, allowing you to quickly alter and edit the videos and images you just took. Buy the Veho Muvi here.

If anyone wants to buy me a quadcopter for Christmas, just let me know :)

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