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Ashton Kutcher Wants To Take A Bite Out Of Apple

Every year new iPhone rumours come out and the hype begins. Every year Apple does a great job to stay on the front page of the news for a few weeks, dominating all media outlets. I hear you say, "Of course Apple are on the front page, Apple are the best smartphone markers in the market".. Right?

Wrong (arguably). Apple has found itself with bigger competition than ever, and they are trying anything to keep their customers coming back to buy the newest and slimmest iPhone. The truth is, Apple is one of the best brands in the world because they capitalise on their success and sue their competition to the ground. Apple is introducing many other products like the iPad, but iPhone sales are currently the backbone to their success. Even if the iPhone is not the best phone, Apple are looking to provide the user with the best user experience. Do you think the Apple Beacon and Apple Pay will keep them ahead of their competition?


Low iPhone 5 Sales

Earlier this year, iPhone 6 sales hit a record high in a record time. Not because the iPhone 6 is the best phone on the market, but because Apple failed to convince customers to buy the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. In 2013, around 23% of new iPhone users were making the switch from Android to Apple. In 2014, only around 12% of new iPhone users are making that swap. One main reason is because iPhone 4 owners are making the big jump up to the iPhone 6. 


Competition Is Heating Up

Currently Apple is loosing out to their main competitor, Samsung who holds over 30% of the market share. But, we expect Apple to forfeit more sales due to lower costing competition coming into the marketplace.

Two of Apple's biggest competitors have finally finally started to break into the European market. Huwawei and Lenovo are beginning to push their devices out with lower costs and higher performance. Even big celeb Ashton Kutcher has joined the Lenovo team, helping to bring a fresh new brand image that could completely overtake Apple in the next 5 years. 


In early 2014 Gartner released a report showing that Apple worldwide smartphone sales to end users has reduced, while their Western competitors are gaining sales and loyal customers. There are many factors that are at play, and no one really knows who will succeed. Who do you think will be the Champion in 2016? 


Compare All of the top selling phones yourself

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iPhone 6 'V' Huwei Ascend P6 Statistics


Ashton Kutcher - "If you want people to think you're brilliant, just quote Steve Jobs."

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