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Can Urban Armor Gear Cases Solve The Biggest Smartphone Problem?

#1 Smartphone Problems

The seemingly endless number of functions that smartphones perform means they need to be prepared for every situation. The upcoming Sony Xperia M2 Aqua has been designed specifically to be waterproof, for example, knowing that people often use them next to baths, sinks and pools. As they might get scratched against keys when stored in pockets, phones like the Nokia Lumia and Samsung Galaxy have also adopted scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass for the screen. Network providers like T-Mobile have, furthermore, introduced plans to protect not just the casing but the contents of a smartphone with stringent identity theft measures in case a device is lost or stolen.


New Smartphone Case Leader

However, there is one major thing that smartphones have, at least until now, been unable to endure: drops from significant heights. Whether you are jogging or cycling with your phone in tow, or whether you regularly place it on a table where it can be easily knocked off, the risk of dropping your smartphone and causing irreparable damage is very high. According to information from Plaxo, almost one third of all smartphone users have experienced this at some point in their lives.


Why? Urban Armor Gear Cases

Urban Armor Gear Cases are an appealing solution to this problem and have become one of the fastest growing smartphone case providers today. The smartphone covers, which were developed by a team of adventure-addicts in Southern California, are compliant with MIL-STD-810G 516.6. This means they were tested by being dropped from a four-foot height on its front, back and sides a total of 26 times. Not once did it suffer damage during these events. The So-Cal team behind the Urban Armor Gear Cases have thought far beyond just its resistance to drops from heights though; their resistance to UV rays and common chemicals (such as those found in hand gels and lotion) mean they will protect your phone against a significant number of outside forces. 


The cases are available for most of the popular smartphone devices. They have been designed for every generation of the iPhone following the 4S; every generation of the Samsung Galaxy since the S3; and both the HTC One and new HTC One M8. But Urban Armor Gear Cases not only guard these devices from fairly extreme levels of wear and tear (Urban Armor Gear claim their phones survived motorcycle crashes and fire damage); they make the handsets look incredibly vibrant and stylish at the same time. The cases have an industrial, post-modern design and come in colours that range from a bright white Navigator to a stylish baby-pink Valkyrie.

Urban Armor Gear Cases are about as close as we will get to having a smartphone that is indestructible - at least for the foreseeable future. As the need to have our phones by our side for wherever we might be going and whatever we are doing is increasing, the cases ensure that your all-important device will be guarded from the kind of damage it could not possibly have withstood before. UAG keep your phone looking fresh, and they do it in a way that is vibrant and affordable.



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