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Newsflash: The USB-C Cable Arrives

A new connector is now available for computers, mobile devices, and related accessories called the USB-C, also known as USB Type-C. It appears the USB is getting competition; this is a new iPhone cable and Samsung cable. Soon, it will be the new standard for the iPhone cable and Samsung cable.

The benefit of the USB-C, developed by the USB Implementers Forum, offers connectivity and power. It combines various functions within the one connector. It transports USB data and provides universal charging and power, and it supports USB 3.1, with a top speed of 10Gbps.

It has a high power output too, of up to 20V (100W) and 5A. That means you will soon be able to charge thinner, lighter laptops the way you charge smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets. When you want to charge it, you needn’t worry about plugging it in upside down either as both of the cables ends are the same.

With the USB-C, people can toss away their multiple power adapters and USB cables. Their range of features is included in the single new cable that is highly robust. It works on various devices, so you no longer have a ton of wires.

While it will likely take a while for the USB Type-C to become as popular as the Type-A, it certainly does make it easier to use devices. It efficiently provides data and power to a ton of devices.

Unfortunately, this update won't help anyone with the Samsung Note, who are currently finding that they could break their new phone if they put the stylus pen in backwards. The only advice we can give you is to call Will Smith and ask him how it felt to have his life turned upside down.


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