5 Essential Smart Accessories for 2016

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5 Essential Smart Accessories for 2016

With 2016 fully underway, the distant memories of the Christmas and New Year festivities are behind us. The summer is coming with festivals and adventures, so if you fancy jazzing up your life a little, why not choose a new accessory from our list of essential accessories in 2016? Whether you want to upgrade an existing piece of technology or try something completely new, we’re sure there will be something on this list that you’ll want to check out this year

1. Fed up of Cracking Your Screen?

Another common effect of the dreaded dropping of your phone, iPad or tablet is cracks and scratches on the screen. Instead of having to pay a fortune each time you smash your device up, get a protective screen protector and prevent the problem entirely. If you want added protection, pick yourself up a tempered glass screen protector.

2. The Much Needed Phone Case

Yes, we know, you love the look of your sleek and slimline smartphone, but just how many chips and cracks does it have due to the number of tumbles you’ve put it through? Exactly… If there’s one thing you do for your beloved electronic companion this year, make sure it’s protecting it in a safe but attractive case. With the number of cases on the market, some with more features than others, we’re sure that you’ll find something to suit you… and your phone.

3. Don’t Run out of Juice

If you haven’t already got one, stop what you’re doing and purchase a spare or backup battery now. We’ve all been on a night out with only 1% battery left, willing our device to stay alive long enough to call for a taxi home. If you have an android device with a removable battery, consider purchasing a backup or spare battery. If you own an iPhone, or an android device with no removable battery, you should purchase a portable charger to top your phone up on the go. You’re welcome in advance!

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4. Record the Action

Planning a big trip this year? Fancy snapping some action shots of your adventure packed weekend? If yes, look into getting yourself a camera capable of capturing the action. GoPro is one of the more popular brands on the market, but if you’re on a budget, brands like Veho offer cost-effective alternatives in both cameras and camcorders. If you do get yourself a new camera, there are lots of extras and add-ons to enjoy.

5. Go Wireless or Go Home!

Are your bud earphones simply not cutting it anymore? If not, there are loads of cool and stylish wireless headphones on the market in 2016. Wireless headphone work by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth. This is great news if you’re fed up with getting tangled up in the wires of your current headphones. Whether you’re catching up with shows on your mobile, tablet or iPad, wireless headphones are the way forward.

Of course, there will be a number of gadgets and accessories making an appearance in 2016. So, to find out more about releases later this year, watch this space! See our latest products.


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