Apple AirPods – Listen to the Magical voice

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Apple AirPods – Listen to the Magical voice

They took their time surely but they are finally here. The much anticipated Apple AirPods are the new trending object in all things audio. With companies trying to figure out a solution to the dangling wire that has chained our earphones for longer than we can remember, Apple has taken the next step and it's rather a big one at that. Not only are the AirPods completely wireless, they are also smarter than your average earphone. With tap gestures for activating Siri, Apple is trying to remove the need for lifting up your phone completely out of the equation. However, there do seem to be some things that are worthy of being highlighted so that no one remains in the dark about this new and amazing product.

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Apple’s money making plan

One short workout with the Apple AirPods and you become completely sure that they are not going to stay in place long enough for you to enjoy your workout properly. While taking a medium-paced walk is completely fine, anything involving intense physical movement will cause the AirPods to fall out. However, here is the real bummer; you lose even one of these and it will cost you, a lot. Apple has provided the pricing details on the website and we have to say, $70 is a lot of money for replacing just one piece, especially when it is expected to happen every so often. However, it is easy to say that a lot of die-hard Apple fans will still go for this new product and will happily spend money on replacements every time they lose a piece.

It may be argued that it is a better option to pay half price for replacing a single earpiece that you have lost instead of having to buy a new one. However, given the chances of seeing these minuscule pods getting lost, it does make you wonder if this one is going to prove to be a hard-sell for Apple. A solution has also been provided by Spigen for a $10 fee. There is no questioning the fact that the AirPods are certainly a great piece of tech but will they be able to catch on? Only time will tell. You can also see a video review of the AirPods in the video below.


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