Drone updates - Gopro Karma Crashing Plus Benefits of Portable Gimbal

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Drone updates - Gopro Karma Crashing Plus Benefits of Portable Gimbal

When the GoPro Karma was released it created a hype that was massively bigger than any other drone up until that moment. And it was certainly justified given the solid reputation that GoPro has created with its action cameras. However, as it happens, it seems that the latest weapon in the company’s arsenal is actually turning out to be doozy. Recently there have been incidents of GoPro Karmas falling out of the sky for no apparent reason. The video below shows the priceless reaction of a definitely unhappy Karma user.

Warning: The video contains NSFW language

GoPro has recalled all the Karma drones to solve the issue and the share price of the company has been falling with just as much speed as the drone did in the video. How the company is going to recover from such a big failure is yet to be seen.

Using gimbals for stable footage

Speaking of drone safety, it is now a highly recommended practice to use gimbals for taking drone footage. There is a whole bunch of gimbals that can be used to attach your action camera to your drones. The Karma Grip by GoPro is quite popular for its amazing video stabilization. The grip also has a mounting ring that can be used to mount it to the Karma drone but given the recent events, that shouldn’t be anyone’s priority right now. Other than that it is a great product.

GoPro Karma

Another obvious competitor in the gimbal market is the Zenmuse X3 by DJI that comes with an excellent level of stabilization and a bunch of great features. This one has the camera integrated into the package and the quality is amazing, as per expectations. As far as stability of the video is concerned, this is a product that gives just as great performance as the GoPro Grip.

No matter which stabilizing gimbal you use, the main point here is that the use of gimbals is undeniably a great investment for creating quality footage from your drone. It doesn’t matter what drone or action camera you are using, you should go for a gimbal as soon as you get your drone and action cam ready for some aerial action.


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