Skates On - Electric Picnic Tickets 2017 On Sale

Electric Picnic Tickets 2017 -

Skates On - Electric Picnic Tickets 2017 On Sale

Get ready for Electric Picnic 2017!

Electric Picnic has announced tickets for 2017 will go on sale tomorrow, Friday at 9am.

Make you you jump in early to save with the discount reward scheme, which will be available.

They also sort you out with a three-part instalment plan. The problem, you need to prove you have been before to get the discount code (or ask a sound friend). You must submit a code by 5pm Thursday 27th October 2016.

Broken, muddy and wet...
Thousands of tents were left abandoned, with no home but the dumpster. Not to mention the thousands of phones that were soaked in the continuous Sunday rain... after thousands of hours people spent queuing to charge their phones.

Our top tips - Know what carpark is closest to your desired campsite, always bring a coat, use the instalment plan to pay for your ticket, mind your smartphone with a nice new case and a battery pack.

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buy a battery pack - Next time, save the hassle of those wet soaked queues.

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