Snapchat Is Afraid To Sell Spectacles to Look Innovative

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Snapchat Is Afraid To Sell Spectacles to Look Innovative

It is very hard to determine why any human being would waste countless hours, even days of their life waiting in line to buy one product. Whatever the reason may be, it is something that has become quite a trend with every tech company pushing the limits. However, Snapchat, or what has now become Snap Inc. has decided to take it to a whole new level. It would seem that the company is actually afraid of being left behind if they don’t introduce innovation with the launch of their new spectacles. And this is where the “snapbot” comes into play. Snapchat has decided to sell its glasses through a bot that appears at different places and sells a limited number of pairs to the lucky few.


It is fairly easy to determine why the company is doing this; to keep the hype going for as long as possible. With the supply being super limited, the crazed fans and eager customers it seems are quite determined to get a pair for themselves no matter how long it takes. And speaking of the long queues, the store opened by Snap in New York had a queue that went around the block and into the subway! Yes, you read that correctly. The freaking SUBWAY! While the tactic may be working great up till now, keeping it going the same way with surprise bots may run the risk of potential customers losing interest suddenly. Furthermore, the short demand is also creating another issue and that is of people selling their Spectacles for gigantic profits (up to 10 times the actual price), not that any of us could complain.

It is high time that Snap stopped “pranking” its fans with the snapbot and start selling the Spectacles directly to customers in the store or they might lose interest and move on to the next hot product in the market. The only reasonable explanation for Snap to not provide the Spectacles for the masses is that they simply don’t have the manufacturing capacity for it yet. If that is not the case, then Snap is certainly playing in dangerous waters and it is time for them to wake up. If you don’t have a pair of Spectacles yourself, of which there is a very high chance, here is a video showing how this super-hyped product actually works.



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