Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles – Is this the future of solar?

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Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles – Is this the future of solar?

Look at them from any ordinary angle and you will not see anything different from a typical roof tile. But it’s the sun that gets to see the tech hidden underneath. Elon Musk recently introduced a product that could very well run your home entirely on solar power indefinitely.

Elon Musk really did prove that his solar roofs are better looking than ordinary roofs. Instead of flat panels installed on the roof itself sticking out like a sore thumb, Tesla has provided an integrated solution. The tiles are going to be available in four distinct styles namely, “Smooth Glass Tile”, “Textured Glass Tile”, “Tuscan Glass Style” and “Slate Glass Style”. The tiles are transparent to the sun but appear opaque when viewed from an angle.

However, there is a lot more to these tiles as well. Apart from the fact that they are a cheaper alternative to installing solar panels on standard roofing, they are also highly reliable and weatherproof. With strength tests showing the tiles surviving impact levels that no other traditional tile can, these are also a great way to protect your home in extreme weathers.

Coupled with these tiles in the new Powerwall titled the Powerwall 2.0 which can provide enough power now to not only run a full household but also store excess in case it is needed. With the tiles expected to have a lifetime that Musk said should be “longer than the house itself”, it won’t a surprise that they get the attention they deserve once they hit the market next summer. Only two types will initially be launched out of the four and Tesla will expand the range gradually. You can find more about the tiles and Musk’s plan for a clean future in the unveiling video below.




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