The new iPhone 8 Rumors

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The new iPhone 8 Rumors

With the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus launched, there is a lot of positive and negative hype going on about how their features and design will influence the next iPhone. While there is talk about new features like wireless charging, curved OLED screen and bezel-less display, the one rumor that seems to be gaining the biggest amount of traction currently is that there will be three new iPhones. Apple has long kept the tradition of introducing two phones at any one event. With the “S” becoming more of a secondary upgrade, the word “Plus” has been cemented as the new definition of big and small, with no third model alongside until now. More news on this rumor can be found on Mashable.

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Wireless charging

Apple has a tradition of doing things slowly but firmly. Wireless charging, however, is something that was expected as a definite feature in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Not seeing this has brought a lot of questions to Apple’s face and it is being expected that the next generation of iPhone will definitely come with wireless charging. The presence of this feature has also been predicted by KGI securities, a leading and reliable source of Apple rumors. Whether or not Apple will introduce wireless charging can only be confirmed when the next iPhone is launched. However, it can be said with some certainty that the absence of wireless charging in the next iPhone will certainly have repercussions.

OLED display

Samsung has been quite ahead of the game when it comes to curved displays. Being the first company to commercially introduce this technology and implement it on their phones, they seem to have gotten the hang of it. However, if there is one thing that Apple does better than anyone then it is product quality. There are high hopes of seeing a new curved display as can be seen here, it is anyone’s guess as to how Apple will use a curved OLED display to enhance the user experience on the new models of iPhone. John Gruber who is a well-known Apple blogger said that he also heard some “gossip” about Apple introducing an edge-to-edge display meaning no bezels on all four sides of the phone.

What will Apple really do in the next iPhone is still a question nearly a year away. For now, it is all but a waiting game. You can find some interesting concept images of the iPhone 8 in the video below.


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