The New Video Calling Feature in Whatsapp

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The New Video Calling Feature in Whatsapp

Video calling has been around for a long time now and seeing it being added to Whatsapp is no shocker to anyone. However, given the company’s great service history, we all certainly expected to see a really nice package. The question was being asked for a very long time anyway as the users kept wondering when he IM giant is going to announce a feature that is present in virtually every other messenger app nowadays. So when the update finally came, there was little surprise to see the app providing good video quality and sound.

While it is always a tricky business to ensure that both the audio and video maintain their high quality consistently, Whatsapp does seem to be able to handle the job quite well. It must be noted that Whatsapp was recently acquired by Facebook and ever since the takeover, the company has been busy in upgrading its features and security.

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User experience

The video calling feature has been integrated with the calling feature of Whatsapp and simply one additional step. The procedure is the same as that of a voice call. You go into the app and either tap the calls tab to go to recent logs or go into contacts to select the person you need to call. The only difference is that when you select the call button you are prompted to either select voice call or video call. The distinctive icons of a phone receiver and a camcorder make it a simple and straightforward function to use while ensuring that it all blends into the overall app interface. Another cool feature is that you can minimize the video call to a side and continue to use chat.

Speaking of blending, the icons are also crucial to the full-screen video display that Whatsapp gives to its users for video calls. This is a great experience and makes the video call a much more natural experience. Our team did see some hints of the video calling feature in Facebook messenger while using the video calling on Whatsapp though.

The biggest rival to Whatsapp, Viber is certainly bound to sweat a little after this update as even though they introduced the video calling feature before Whatsapp, the experience is certainly a lot nicer on the latter. You can also find more information on The Verge regarding the announcement of this new feature.


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