Wake Up the Smart Way

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Wake Up the Smart Way

If there is one thing that is capable of haunting us in the 21st century every single day, it is definitely the fear of not waking up on time in the morning. All of us have tried a million different ways of waking up in the morning and with smartphones in our midst, we certainly have a lot of different apps too. Searching for a suitable app is itself an invitation towards chaos and there is no doubt that you will end up worrying about what app is the most suitable for the job. Thankfully for iPhone users, Apple has taken its own take at healthy sleeping with its new bedtime mode. Bedtime is basically a function within the alarm clock app that has a lot of good tricks up its sleeve.

Setup and featuresalarm app

Bedtime is quite easy to set up and start using. As soon as you select the bedtime option in the alarm clock app, the setup takes you through the basic paces by asking you for the wake up time, days of the week that you want the alarm set for, the number of hours you need to sleep and other features like sleep reminder and alarm sound etc. Once this is done, you are good to go and the bedtime feature is ready to provide results.

Sleep monitoring

The purpose of asking so many questions from the user is to gather a baseline against which the bedtime feature measures your sleep intervals. According to the number of hours you spent sleeping, the app determines your sleep performance and gives you an insight into sleep history. This is very useful in determining what you are doing wrong and what needs to be done in order to achieve optimum sleep.

It is important to see that most of the applications out there that provide this feature to users are either not well made or simply unreliable. For the ones that are better, they are almost always paid and still not that good. Apple has stepped into the game and taken the matters into their own hands and the result is certainly worth admiring. You can find a tutorial on using bedtime features in the video below.


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